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M O B I L E  D E T A I L I N G   |   W E  C O M E  T O  Y O U !


Waiting in line at a car wash, only to leave with watermarks, is not how you should spend any part of your busy day.  We understand the need for convenience, which is why Premier Auto Spa brings high quality Auto Detailing and Hand Car Wash services to you!  Our inspiration comes from our own love of cars and attributes to the way we care for yours.

New Jersey bears all of the elements that contribute to the corrosion of your vehicles paint.  Over time, this has long term effects if not treated.  We offer comprehensive packages that will suit your car's needs.



We differ from traditional car washes by focusing on one car at a time, so you won't have to re-dry and remove water marks.  Express car washes will leave behind swirls and a dull look to your vehicle's paint over time.  Paint Correction will  remove light swirls and leave your car with a high gloss shine as well as the protection it needs from the road ahead!

We are trained and certified in Advanced Automotive Detailing and use high quality materials and products to deliver exceptional results.  We are fully insured!

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